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      M: The Original

      It's a 2018 release.

      Jeffrey Kare

      [quote quote=1202658544]People estimating this movie’s oscar chances but i think this movie will be so big. Everyone says this is not an oscar movie but they are predicting Black Panther smh [/quote] I actually think the opposite will happen with

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      Started by:  DCurrie

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    • 2019 Best Actress Discussion (Part 3)
      Luca Giliberti

      This is just insane. Part 3 and it's just October, wow. Is this the most competitive  race in years


      [quote quote=1202658645] But didn’t break out until mid to late 90s and her career peak was in the 2000s, let’s not act like she’s an 80s actress like Close because she was on a soap opera at the time. [/quote] "When I was on As the World Tu

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      Started by:  Chris Beachum

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    • 91st Oscars (Part 2)

      http://www.deadline.com/2018/04/academy-awards-rules-changes-oscars-1202375630For the first time, st

      Nathan Romberg

      [quote quote=1202658601] Finding Dory was unfortunate in having some of the most intense competition in this category ever. Incidentally, this was also the last year before nomination voting was expanded to the whole academy (providing they’ve seen

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      Started by:  Riley

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    • Private Life

      I may agree with you, but it's a crowded year in Lead Actress. I would love to see Hahn get awards r


      Kathryn Hahn is on the board with Gotham so hopefully the indie spirits follow.

      Started by:  Hunter-ish

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    • 91st Oscars Best Original Song

      "Flower of the Universe", A Wrinkle in Time "Alfie's Song (Not So Typical Love Song)", Love, Simon "


      Has I'll Fight from RBG been mentioned? That's a strong contender to get in based on the subject of the film + Diane Warren's track record.

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      Started by:  M

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    • First Man

      Gosling is scheduled to be on Kimmel this Friday, June 8th, so we might be getting a teaser (or some


      [quote quote=1202658451] 3 weeks is the minimum a film can be in it. If it was performing well they wouldn’t take it out. They especially wouldnt take it out for a film that isnt even formatted for Imax. But keep up the delusion. [/quote] The IM

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      Started by:  lovelylovely

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    • BOX OFFICE #4

      So Harry Potter's single day record remains intact. Interesting.

      Alex Meyer

      Free Solo came in at #12 with $1,009,168 from 251 theaters. The Sisters Brothers, after expanding nationwide into 1,141 theaters, came in at #13 with $742,014. Colette came in at #14 with $585,020 from 520 theaters, while Beautiful Boy came in at #15

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      Started by:  babypook

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    • Best Supporting Actress 2019

      It's Olivia COLMAN not Coleman. Let's get the name of this category's next winner correct.


      I have read that Amy Adams has very little to do in Vice? Has anyone actually seen this movie and knows for sure? I took her out of my predictions - for now - until there is more evidence that her role is large enough and interesting enough for a nom

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      Started by:  Andrew D

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    • A Star Is Born (Part 2)

      Just saw it. Gaga and Cooper deserve all the hype, imo. I'm excited to see the other contenders to s


      In terms of Oscar contenders that we have been singling out here on GD, just her, Collette, Saoirse Ronan in On Chesil Beach…which was mentioned way back and then not anymore, Cinstance Wu, heron in Tully…another one that was mentioned and never

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      Started by:  Chris Beachum

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